Easy ways to improve your home environment — part 2




While spending more time working, studying and playing at home, you may be more conscious than ever of your living environment.

You’re probably more aware than ever of the importance of cleanliness in your home, to keep your family healthy and comfortable.

So to make sure your home provides the best environment for your family to thrive, here are some ways to ensure that your surroundings support your family’s health and well-being.

The water you drink

You may not think of water filtration unless you experience an unpleasant taste or odor in your water, but making sure your family is drinking high-quality water is another crucial way to maintain a comfortable home environment. Your family not only drinks water, but uses water in cooking, washing dishes and more — so it’s a vital element of your daily life.

Because hydration is so significant for maintaining good health and the taste of water affects everything you cook with it, knowing your home’s water is crisp and fresh-tasting can give you enormous peace of mind.

With filtration system, you’ll have:

• Great-tasting water from your existing faucet

• Easy installation, even for the mechanically challenged

• Everything you need for installation included in the box

• A compact design that fits snugly under your sink

• An indicator light that tells you when it’s time to change the filter

You can install it in your kitchen, bathroom, bar area, or anywhere you want better water. The filter replacement for the system is equally simple: The used filter releases easily with the push of a button, and the new one snaps into place with one simple movement. This is an easier way to get fresher, cleaner water every day, without relying on bottled water or cumbersome water pitchers.