4 options for an ideal outdoor space — part 2


If you dream of the perfect outdoor living space for relaxing with a good book in the shade, entertaining family in your outdoor kitchen, playing with the kids in the sunshine — or just breathing in the sights and sounds of nature in your own personal oasis — here are some tips to help kickstart the planning process when the time is right for you.

Modern landscaping and hardscaping offer limitless possibilities, so you can find the right solution to complement the way you live and your personal tastes. Whether you want a stylish lounge area for entertaining, a green-filled hideaway for connecting with nature, or a clean, minimal space for family fun and games, you can make it happen using a combination of pavers, walls, fire pits or even full outdoor kitchens.

Channel your imagination, with a little pro advice, to help you create an outdoor space that is perfect for your family, budget and home. One great resource is Collections by Belgard, which offers outdoor designers, contractors and homeowners a way to virtually re-imagine their outdoor space by pairing the right textures and colors to match the home’s style — as well as the homeowner’s vision.

First, spend a little time with your dream, nailing down what type of outdoor space you really want. What do you most want to do in your outdoor space, and what style best expresses your vision and personality?

Cozy natural retreat

Create a space for unwinding from the week’s stresses. Could you arrange a trellis or pergola bursting with plants and flowers to set your retreat apart from the rest of the yard? You could install relaxing hammocks or a serene fountain to complete your oasis.

Then choose hardscaping elements to work hand in hand with your favorite natural elements. For example, Belgard’s Natural Collection provides hardscaping with the look of slates and worn stone that can set the tone for your special hideaway.