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Faculty, staff, students, and administration have been involved in numerous meetings over the past two months planning the reopening of SWOSU for face-to-face classes. Preventing the spread of the virus among the community has been the key focus of SWOSU's plan. The following items comprise a general outline of the plan.

The plan is to teach traditional face-to-face classes. SWOSU will rely on guidance from state and federal health authorities if changes are needed.

For the latest on reopening plans, go to this link on the SWOSU website and keep watching for more updates: https://share.swosu.edu/Fall20Reopening

The following items provide details about fall operations on campus:

  1. Fall 2020 Schedule
    1. Classes will start on Monday, August 17. Campus will be closed on Labor Day, Monday, September 7. Fall Break will be cancelled and classes will meet on October 15 and 16. Commencement (delayed from May) will be held on November 20-21 with limited guest participation. Classes will meet as usual on November 23 and 24.
    2. After Thanksgiving Break, in order to minimize the spread of the virus from potential holiday travel, all classes will transition to virtual. There will be three days of virtual Dead Days, November 30-December 2. Virtual finals will start on Thursday, December 3 and end on Wednesday, December 9.
  2. Masks and Shields
    1. SWOSU will require cloth facial coverings for students, faculty, visitors, and staff in hallways and classrooms for the fall 2020 semester. Students who choose not to wear a mask are encouraged to enroll in sections that will not require on-campus attendance. Students with questions regarding this requirement can contact Dean of Students Joshua Engle at 774-3767 or joshua.engle@swosu.edu.
  3. General Guidance on Wearing Masks and Protecting Yourself and Others
    1. SWOSU encourages students to follow CDC guidelines on wearing masks and protecting yourself and others in order to keep the campus safe.
  4. Safety Measures Within Classrooms
    1. SWOSU is adjusting classrooms to maintain at least four feet between students. In some classrooms, they are placing clear plastic at the front of rooms and in front of podiums. SWOSU will provide hand sanitizer in hallways and classrooms and ask that students use it frequently throughout the day. The faculty has also been asked to develop seating charts and track attendance at each class. This will aid preventative measures in the event of a positive case among class members.
  5. Commencement
    1. Commencement will be held on November 20-21 with limited guest participation. More details will be announced soon on the website. Commencement will be limited to two guest tickets per graduate.
  6. General Guidance if You Start to Experience Symptoms
    1. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, and/or difficulty breathing, contact your medical provider as soon as possible. Consider calling ahead to tell the health care provider’s office about any recent travel, symptoms, and concerns. Please also avoid contact with others and do not travel unnecessarily. The CDC provides this link for additional information about COVID-19 and its symptoms. To find out if you should be tested and where, call the Oklahoma State Department of Health Coronavirus Call Center at 877-215-8336 or visit the state’s coronavirus web site.
  7. Signage
    1. Signage will be placed on campus buildings to alert students, employees, and visitors of the safety policies within the building. When possible, buildings will have designated entrance and exit doors and signage designating traffic flow. Signage will also be placed on areas to increase the practice of social distancing, including stairwells and elevators.
  8. Cleaning
    1. The university will follow CDC guidelines in cleaning university buildings and rooms. Each classroom will be cleaned daily. Common areas will be cleaned frequently. Hand sanitizers will be located in hallways in campus buildings.
  9. Residence Hall safety measures
    1. Residence Halls will implement measures to increase social distancing, including rearranging furniture in commons areas. Students will be expected to wear masks in commons areas. Staff will increase frequency of cleaning. Accommodations for vulnerable populations will be provided.
  10. Where to get masks
    1. The Alma Mater Merc store space in the Student Union will have masks for purchase, including SWOSU masks. Additionally, department offices in each building will have free disposable masks when possible.
  11. Self-screening checklist
    1. Students are encouraged to go through a voluntary self-screening check using this online checklist each day before arriving on campus.
  12. Athletics
    1. Per the decision of the Great American Conference, fall sports have been delayed. The first day of practice will be August 31st. No games will be played before September 28th.
  13. Large events
    1. SWOSU will follow state and federal guidance when limiting attendance or changing the schedule for large events. Many large outdoor events such as the Organizational Fair will have safety measures to ensure social distancing. Indoor event attendance will be limited.