Calif. man faces drug charge


Weatherford police recovered about 97 pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop Friday morning, after the driver was stopped because his tag light was out.

Police arrested Csaba Fikker, 41 of Sherman Oaks, California, for the charges of trafficking in illegal drugs, and unlawful possession of controlled dangerous substance.

Police stopped a 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche Friday morning along Interstate 40 near mile marker 81.

Patrolman Chaz Hickman initiated the traffic stop where he made contact with the subject. Hickman questioned the defendant about where he was going. The defendant said he was going to Memphis, Tennessee, and the vehicle belonged to one of his producers. Fikker told police he was not in possession of weapons, medical marijuana or a medical marijuana card in the vehicle, according to the probable cause affidavit issued by Custer County District Court.

Shortly after questioning Fikker, Hickman requested a K9 to conduct a free air sniff of the vehicle. After the air sniff was completed, Weatherford’s K9 Falco alerted officers to the presence of narcotics.

A search of the vehicle was done and officers found two large cargo containers, as well as one smaller plastic cargo container. Officers opened the containers to find a green leafy substance which they believed to be raw marijuana, according to court records.

Hickman read Fikker his Miranda warning and the defendant said, “There is nothing to answer, my life is over.”

Police recovered 85 vacuum sealed bags of the green leafy substance, each weighing between 1.14 pounds and 1.21 pounds.

The substance was tested using a Duquenois-Levine Field Test Kit. The substance field tested positive for THC. The three samples tested were later provided to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Fikker is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing conference February 19. His bond is set at $100,249.