City applies for MODA grant for Heritage Park

  • City of Weatherford

The City of Weatherford will look to a grant to help pay for restrooms at Heritage Park, which sits across the street from Weatherford City Hall.

Mayor Mike Brown told Weatherford City Commissioners the city intends to apply for a Midwestern Oklahoma Development Authority grant.

“That’s been something that’s kind of evolved the past year. We’ve been trying to get in a position to take advantage of Route 66 which runs here between City Hall and Heritage Park,” Mayor Brown said.

“We’ve been able to get several other grants that have helped us provide the pavilion,” Mayor Brown said. “We did the dog park, by partnering with the university to get the Bulldogs and Friends dog park and getting some signage put up there.”

Mayor Brown said the next step was adding bathrooms at the park.

“We feel like we need bathrooms if it’s going to be a travel stop. We’re looking at that. And, possibly even a small splash pad there in that area,” Mayor Brown said.

Other projects also may happen at the park.

“I think our long-term goal if the sales tax passes, the Vietnam Memorial being there on the west end of that facility. And then painting the wind-turbine blade, putting a mural on there. One side being Route 66, the other side being a patriotic theme,” Mayor Brown said.

Overall, the city has been able to do a lot with a little amount of tax money, Mayor Brown said.

“We have a lot of plans and really it’s all come together with very little cost to the city. We’ve been fortunate to receive several little grants and that’s the way we’ve been moving forward with it,” Mayor Brown said.