• Pool

The Weatherford city pool will be open Saturday.

Mayor Mike Brown said there were two factors in opening the pool.

“We felt like July 4 would be a good time to open it up, have a free swim day and get people out and about. People will still practice the social distancing, they’re going to have them spaced out there at the pool. The following weekend, we have the YMCA triathlon and they had requested being able to use the swimming pool,” Mayor Brown said.

After that, Mayor Brows said plans could change.

“We think we’ll take it week-to-week. If we can, we’ll stay open the month of July. If we don’t have the participation, we’ll close it down,” Mayor Brown said.

The city will open the pool despite the cost to do so.

“Initially, we were thinking about, from a budget standpoint with things being lower or a little tighter, there might be a way to save a little bit of money, because we normally lose about $50,000-$60,000 a year on the swimming pool,” Mayor Brown said. “We’re going to open it up and see what happens.”