Commission approves annexation of future business park


Weatherford will grow slightly after the City Commission approved an annexation of property east of Miraclon along the south Service Road of Interstate 40.

The property is being developed into a business park by B.G. Biscoe, called Biscoe Landing

Before the commission meeting, the city conducted a public hearing for the annexation. No one spoke during the public hearing.

Before voting, Ward 3 Commissioner Warren Goldmann asked about having a the language “repealing all ordinances in conflict herewith” in the language of the ordinance. City Attorney David Duncan said that language probably was picked up from a previous ordinance. He said he didn’t anticipate having any language to repeal with the new ordinance.

City commissioners voted, 5-0, to annex the property into city limits.

The commission also approved an emergency clause to have the annexation take place immediately after publication. That vote was 5-0. Biscoe, the property owner of the new industrial park being developed east of Miraclon, requested to be annexed into Weatherford city limits.

Biscoe requested his property be annexed a few months ago by letter. The property is about 60 acres, and he requested all but about 10 of it be annexed due to current city ordinances regarding medical marijuana processing plants. The remaining 10 acres will be reserved for Hermedic Flower Company, a processing plant.

Other companies Biscoe said are or could be coming to the industrial park are WhitCo, LLC and Culver Electric. Economic Development Director Yolanda Creswell said WhitCo will bring about 15 jobs to the Weatherford area.

Development is expected to be complete around August, and there will be about 21.2 acres of the original 60 acres available for purchase at that time. The rest has been spoken for. Biscoe said it would be nice to get some type of manufacturing company to come into the park as well.