Commissioner election resolution passed


As first reported by the Weatherford Daily News June 20, the upcoming city commission election will be moved, due to a 10-day notice not being given for the filing period.

As part of the rescheduling of the election, the Weatherford City Commission, by vote of 5-0, approved a resolution cancelling the August 25 election.

City Attorney David Duncan said staff will have a resolution on the July agenda to call for a new election, which will be November 3.

The Weatherford Daily News brought to the attention of the City of Weatherford the need for the city to publish a required legal about the change of filing periods for city council races.

The purpose of the legal filing is to provide adequate notice to eligible citizens who may be interested in running for office.

There is a 10-day prior to filing period required to make it public by publishing it in a legal newspaper within the city. An oversight resulted in the legal not being published.

The Custer County Election Board, after visiting with legal counsel, acknowledges the error in a press release Friday and declared the filings null and void. Candidates will be required to file again. City filings are free.

The election had been set for August 25 in a special meeting of the Weatherford City Commission. The commission now will be required to set a new election date and the earliest available is November 3 according to the election board.

This resolution did not specify, however, an exact date.

Rick Miller, Cameron Page and Terri Lockhart filed for Ward 1. Miller is the incumbent for Ward 1.

Lezley Bell and Warren Goldmann have filed for Ward 3 and Goldmann is the incumbent for Ward 3.

However, due to the election date change, all candidates will need to refile once an official date is selected. That filing will take place in August.

Also as a result, Clinton’s city commission also will be required to follow the same procedure.