Commissioners approve hotel/motel funding


among other things at monthly commission meeting


Weatherford City Commissioners approved, by a vote of 5-0, a request by Weatherford Sports and Recreation for an additional $10,000 of Hotel/Motel Tax money so it can host two tournaments this summer.

The organization wants to host the OK Kids Softball Tournament and USA Oklahoma Softball Championship Tournament.

The Hotel/Motel Tax Committee approved the additional funds during its meeting earlier this month.

Mayor Mike Brown said the economic impact was last year’s tournaments was big.

Hotel/Motel Tax Committee chairperson Brian Adler said so far, there are two regional and two state tournaments scheduled. “We need it right now,” Adler said.

The hotel/motel committee recommended and the city commission approved $10,000 in February for the tournaments. At that time, Todd Earp, assistant director of Park s and Recreation, told the hotel/motel committee the $10,000 at that time would be enough to secure the tournaments. He said he would come back at a later time to ask for additional funding.

The sports and recreation organization estimates the total cost for hosting the tournaments will be $51,000. Those expenses are for bids for tournaments, along with costs for T-shirts, umpires, trophies, umpire room and board, gate/score keepers, and umpire/staff concessions.

The request, when originally submitted in February, had 2019 numbers, which showed the city and organization hosted nine tournaments, which included 126 teams, with more than 6,000 attendees, which stayed in hotels, bought fuel, food and other items, which totaled more than $360,000.

The commission approved an agreement, 5-0, between the city and Great Plains Family YMCA for the YMCA to manage the city’s pool and splash pad facilities.

The change was brought forth after the city decided to open the pool.

Mayor Brown said the pool will open July 4.

The commission approved an agreement, 5-0, between the city and Weatherford Public Schools for the school district to use city-owned facilities in Rader Park.

Those agreements include: Eagle Field — $1,500; Jim Loomis Field and Paul Hicks Field — $1,500; Girls softball field — $1,000; Dawson Field — $500; Tennis courts — $500; and Prairie West Golf Course — $1,000.

The agreement allows Weatherford teams to use the city-owned facilities, with the city providing maintenance and utilities. The school will provide supervision of facilities during practices and games.

The commission approved, each one by a vote of 5-0, reappointed Garla Wisdom, Helen Barnes and Jane Long to the Weatherford Public Library Local Advisory Board.

The commission approved, 5-0, declaring a 2004 Ford Econoline from the Pioneer Center as surplus property.

The commission approved, 5-0, a change to the city’s fire code regarding fire hydrants. The change adds language.

In addition to NFPA 1141, the City of Weatherford requires there be a fire hydrant located no further than one hundred (100) feet from fire department connections.

The change adds an additional paragraph, which reads:

However, the distance may be increased up to a maximum of 200 feet where authorized by the fire code official. The commission approved, 5-0, abatements

The commission approved, 5-0, abatements for: 1805 Lark; Saber Industrial; 820 N. Indiana; 1110 N. Bradley; 423 E. Franklin; 410 E. Franklin; 409 E Rainey; and 320 N. Kansas. Another property, at 320 W. Rainey was given 2

Another property, at 320 W. Rainey was given 2 weeks to get the property cleaned up.

The homeowner, who was present at the meeting Tuesday, said she is waiting for a part for her mower.

After a discussion on whether or not to table this property to next month, commissioners decided to include this property with the other abatements, however give the homeowner the 2- week extension.

The commission approved, 5-0, a resolution to support the City of Weatherford’s application for a grant, from Midwestern Oklahoma Development Authority. The grant, if received will be used to place bathrooms in Heritage Park.