County appoints new undersheriff


The Custer County Board of Commissioners approved the appointment of Kevin Evans as the county undersheriff during Monday morning’s regular meeting.

“Kevin is a long-time employee who has worked in just about every area of our department,” Custer County Sheriff Dan Day said. “He has the knowledge, and I trust he will be a good undersheriff for me.”

The board also did the annual jail inspection on the request of Sheriff Day. District 3 Commissioner Lyle Miller said the board was going to put the inspection off until later in the year so Day would have time to get some maintenance work done.

However, Day wanted to do the inspection at the time so the board would be aware of some maintenance items which include roof issues, security issues and leaks.

In other business, the board approved resolutions to surplus and dispose of a 6- ton air conditioning unit. The board also approved blanket purchase orders, purchase orders for payment and officers’ reports.

The board had a quick discussion regarding the road crossing and right-of-way permits for the Invenergy wind farm project in Districts 1 and 2. The board had received a total of 89 permits last week, but the commissioners still need to inspect the sites before approving the permits.

The sites inspected before next week’s meeting will be approved if acceptable.

The courthouse window project is expected to be finished by the end of February. The crew finished the OSU Extension office last week and will complete assessor’s office and the canteen this week.

Work may slow down due to working in the older part of the courthouse, but the board had been satisfied with the speed and quality of work so far.