County commission approves emergency disaster declaration


The Custer County Commissioners had a meeting Monday to discuss several agenda items including the possibility of a disaster emergency relief fund.

Due to the recent cold weather and snow many pipelines and livestock were affected. Custer County Emergency Management Director Michael Galloway said the relief fund would help individuals who had freezing pipes during the winter storm or individuals which lost livestock due to the cold weather.

“The disaster relief is going to be for broken pipes which occurred during the winter storm. This allows individuals to file for damages. People will be able to go to www. and file their own claim. This is an individual filing. This will go through the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA). FEMA covers deductibles and anything insurance doesn’t cover. This also will cover livestock and all of the trouble farmers have had with livestock loss. Farmers can go through the Farm Service Agency program in Arapaho to file a claim,” Galloway said.

The disaster proclamation was unanimously approved by the commission.

The commission also gave an update on the courthouse window project which came to a halt due to weather conditions. Crews are scheduled to work this week and make up for time lost during the hazardous weather conditions.

The commission unanimously approved an application for utility, pipeline and installation permit for crossing roads and using county right-of-ways. There was no further discussion.

The commission unanimously approved a resolution on funding from the County Road Machinery and Equipment Revolving Fund.

“This is part of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) funding. We can buy equipment used in ODOT funding which will be used to buy machinery,” District 3 Commissioner Lyle Miller said.

The commission approved a resolution for district 2 to utilize the county road machinery and equipment revolving fund from ODOT.

“This is a resolution saying we plan to buy a distributor truck. I want to change it to a dump truck,” District 2 commissioner Bruce Walker said.