County to consider emergency declaration in wake of ice storm


In wake of this week’s ice storm, Gov. Kevin Stitt declared a state of emergency for 47 of the 77 Oklahoma counties, which includes Custer County.

This opens the door for Custer County and its cities to declare a state of emergency if the damage from the storm is extensive enough.

County Emergency Management Director Mike Galloway said the board can make that decision during its regular Monday meeting after the damage has been assessed. This would open the door to receiving FEMA money similar to the situation in May and June of 2019.

District 1 Commissioner Wade Anders and District 2 Commissioner Kurt Hamburger said they have not seen any extensive damage as of yet but will keep that in mind as clean-up efforts are underway.

In other news, the board received as update on the courthouse window project. As of Friday, all of the windows have been replaced on the lower floor except for the one in the treasurer’s office which will have a mail slot.

Due to weather, the project has been delayed, which will put the project slightly behind scheduled.

The board approved a County Improvements for Roads and Bridges agreement for a District 2 bridge project which was approved as part of the county’s 5-year plan with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

The board also discussed it will be taking bids for a bridge project in District 1. The bridge is small enough it does not have to run through CIRB. The bids will be opened two weeks after the notice to bid has gone out.

The board approved an agreement with Debra Daggs, who does the janitorial services for the County Election Board. The agreement increases her salary from $100 to $150 a month.

The board approved blanket purchase order and purchase orders for payment.