‘I am excited to begin volleyball’


Volleyball opens season Aug. 11 at Bethany

  • Kaydence Bryson
  • Sydney Barr

In just one week, Weatherford volleyball returns to the court.

“We are going to be strong again,” coach Sandi Barr said. “We have been putting in a lot of good work. We had a tryout process and our number were huge. The varsity team looks really strong.”

Sandi said their defense was the weakest part of the team, but they made defensive improvements in the offseason.

“We had a hard time defending last season,” Sandi said. “We made changes in our rotations. We are taking each practice day-by-day and will see what happens. The girls are doing great no matter where they go and always have an amazing attitude.”

Weatherford has six seniors, three juniors and two sophomores. Senior Sydney Barr said she is excited.

“I am excited to begin volleyball, the teams is excited as well and I expect big things,” Sydney said. “We are a better team and I am excited to have a great season.”

Coach Barr said some of the non-senior players could make an impact this season such as juniors Lakin Green and Maddy Hada and sophomore Mackenzie Byrge. Byrge Mackenzie Byrge. Byrge will play libero for the team.

“We are going to be better in the middle,” coach Barr said. “We have two middles we brought up from JV. Players have been flexible and been adjusting to certain positions I put them in. Defense-wise, we brought up Mackenzie Burge. She was on the freshman team, worked her way onto JV and worked her way to varsity and now is the libero. She does a great job hustling and is a really good volleyball player.”

Senior Kaydence Bryson said the team gets along really well.

“We are going to be a strong team and we get along,” Bryson said. “I am excited for this season an hopefully we can do some great things this season.”

Coach Barr said she and the girls help clean and spray like crazy to ensure safety is the No. 1-priority regarding COVID-19.

“We have protocols and plans if a player or coach were to come down with COVID-19,” coach Barr said. “We clean and sanitize everything. We clean equipment and locker rooms and clean some more. Some schools will be effected in some way or somehow. I want to play as long as we can safely.” Coach Barr said one thing she learned last year was

Coach Barr said one thing she learned last year was adapting and changing her game plan during a game.

“I have learned how to change and adapt,” coach Barr said. “I used to be hesitant to change girls in positions, but last year, I learned you have to change and adapt in certain situations during a game.”