Judge orders competency exam for murder suspect despite appeal not to

  • Dennis Rigsby

Despite pleas to not undergo a competency exam, a man accused of first-degree murder — deliberate intent, will be required to be evaluated.

Dennis Ray Rigsby Jr., 37 of Oklahoma City, asked the court through a hand-written letter to Judge Donna Dirickson, to not be evaluated.

The letter reads, “Motion to inform the court I refuse to participate in the determination of my competency if in any way it could hinder me of my right to a jury trial by ‘peers.’”

The letter continued, “The ‘jury alone’ has the right to do with me as they wish.”

Despite Rigsby’s request, Judge Dirickson ordered he be taken to the Oklahoma Forensic Center, in Vinita, for the purpose of being observed and evaluated. He will remain at the facility until the evaluation is completed, then be brought back to the Custer County Jail.

The Custer County District Court has charged an Oklahoma City man with first-degree murder — deliberate intent for the death of a California woman found in Clinton this past weekend.

When authorities arrived on scene, Rigsby said, “I plead the 5th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.”

Authorities believe Rigsby is the man responsible for the death of Judy Mullin, 66 of Azusa, California. Court records show Mullin is Rigsby’s mother.

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed Monday in the district court, Clinton police and Sinor EMS responded to the Love’s Truck Stop, 10331 N. 2310 Road, east of Clinton.

Upon arrival, medical personnel made contact with a man who selfidentified as Dennis Rigsby. Rigsby had dried blood on his hands and cheek. As medical personnel and officers tried to give Rigsby medical attention, he pleaded the 5th, the affidavit reads.

When officers told Rigsby they were trying to help him, he said, “Someone in that van needs help,” court records indicate.

As officers looked inside a Chevrolet camper van, they found blood on a seat inside the vehicle. As officers opened the door to the camper, they found Mullin deceased on the floor between the front two seats of the van with trauma to her head, the affidavit reads.

Clinton police asked for assistance from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI). OSBI Special Agent Trevor Ridgeway interviewed Judy Mullin’s brother, Clifford, of Oklahoma City. Clifford Mullin told Ridgeway his sister and Rigsby had left Clifford’s residence the night before on their way to California, court records show.

The two were by themselves, Clifford said, also advising Ridgeway about Rigsby being released from the McAlester State Penitentiary June 2.

Court records show Rigsby was convicted of first-degree manslaughter in Oklahoma County in 2004. He also pleaded guilty to grand larceny in Oklahoma County in 2002, pleaded guilty to placing bodily fluids upon government employee in Oklahoma County in 2006.

Rigsby did speak with law enforcement, an interview which was video recorded, waiving his Miranda rights, the affidavit reads.

In the interview, Rigsby allegedly said he was alone with Judy as they were driving to California along Interstate 40. Rigsby said he thought someone was going to kill him. Rigsby said he asked for Judy’s phone and Judy refused to give it to him. He planned to throw the phone out the window, court records indicate.

Rigsby allegedly said he knew he should not have, but he punched Judy in the face. Rigsby admitted to choking Judy with some clothes and also hitting her with something in the vehicle. Rigsby recalled Judy saying Rigsby was going to kill her, the affidavit reads.