Locals to host Bulldog Strong $5,000 worth of scholarships to be given away


Bulldog Strong will hit the streets August 20 highlighted with $5,000 of SWOSU scholarships given away.

As a way of welcoming SWOSU students to Weatherford a street party is planned with free ice cream and hotdogs and fun events.

Bulldog Strong specialty gaiter masks have been printed for sale at $1.75 each with SWOSU art. The gaiter mask will be available at local merchants who choose to sell them.

The event came about from the decision to require masks for students, faculty and guest on the campus this semester. As a way of helping students feel more comfortable with the masks local businesses are showing their support and pride in SWOSU by wearing the gaiter masks for the event and having them for sale.

“It’s just our way of saying we stand behind you, appreciate you and very glad you are back in town,” committee member Herschel Brewster, president First National Bank and Trust said.

Local banks have stepped up with WDN publisher, Phillip Reid to help plan and fund the event.

In addition the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce is hosting the annual treasure hunt where students can match their winning tickets at local merchants to win prizes.

“We can never tell the faculty and students at SWOSU enough how important they are to us and the community. We want them to know they are appreciated and we have an entire community behind them with plans for a strong, healthy learning environment. We also want them to know we realize student life is an important part of the college experience and we want to enhance that whenever possible,” Reid said.

The event will be 6-8 p.m. on Main Street Towne Center with the streets blocked off at 5 p.m. Merchants will be inviting students into the stores with registrations for the scholarships and lots of giveaways.

For more information call the Weatherford Daily News at (580) 772-3301.