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Salem, Oregon

Unhealthy air filled the sky in areas of Oregon, Washington and parts of California, which has been caused by the outburst of wildfires in the western states, according to the Associated Press.

This past week, at least 4.6 million acres have burned from the ongoing wildfires in those three states. As of Monday there were close to 80 wildfires through our western states, with a dozen of those being in Oregon. So far there have been 35 deaths from the west coast fires, AP reported.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has requested a Presidential Disaster Declaration in order to bring more resources, and speed up the recovery rate for the state, AP reported.

Miami, Florida

According to the Associated Press, Hurricane Sally has slowly made its way toward the northern Gulf Coast. The hurricane is traveling at 85 mph with the possibility of tornadoes and flash floods. Currently it still is unknown exactly where the storm’s eye will make landfall. It looks to be moving closer East which gives New Orleans a higher probability of being hit, according to AP.

Forecasters predict historic rainfall and flooding. Floods are predicted to be bad enough to cause drowning, AP reported.

Emergency declarations have been put out by President Donald Trump for Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. He also recommended residents listen to state and local leaders, AP reported.

Evacuation is highly recommended for anyone who lives near rivers or streams, AP reported.

The storm is predicted to reach the Alabama-Mississippi state line by Wednesday, reported by AP.


Potential life forms have been found through the atmosphere of Venus according to the Associated Press.

The life possibly found is potentially microbes in the clouds of the planet. Scientists found these lifeforms through chemical signatures. The chemical signatures single out movement which only can be seen by biosignatures, AP reported. These signatures are reported to be the chemical signature of phosphine.

Temperatures on the surface of Venus are about 800 degrees, but along the atmosphere it is room temperature, where it is possible for lifeforms to survive. The lifeforms are created by sulfuric acid droplets within the clouds of Venus, AP reported.

Unfortunately lifeforms aren’t the only reason phosphine could be found, but it is a first step in finding life on Venus.

Opa-Locka, Florida

A South Florida city has overturned its ban on saggy pants, the Associated Press reported.

The ban has been effect for 13 years in the city of Opa-Locka, Florida, AP, reported.

The Opa-Locka City Commission voted Wednesday on a 4-1 vote to repeal the 2007 legislation and the 2013 ordinance. The ordinance explained that women and men could receive citations for wearing pants which exposed their undergarments.

The ban will have to repealed once again at a commission meeting, AP reported.

The repeal was first thought of because the law is made against victimless behavior In and Around the city of Opa-Locka, signs still remain demanding residents and visitors pull up their drawers, according to AP.

Merrimack, New Hampshire

An African cat named Spartacus has been found after being lost in the New Hampshire wild. The cat is 40 pounds. Spartacus is a leopard like cat in looks.

He lives at his house alongside a dog which startled Spartacus and caused him to run away. Spartacus ran away last Wednesday and was found Saturday not far from his house.

Spartacus was adopted by his owner at a New Hampshire zoo, according to the Associated Press. Spartacus was found near his home in healthy condition, AP reported.

Spartacus now is Internet famous, being posted on Facebook everywhere.