OKDHS announces retroactive rate adjustment for Medicaid Waiver providers


OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma Human Services (OKDHS) is excited to announce a retroactive rate adjustment for Medicaid Waiver providers serving Oklahomans with developmental disabilities and low-income seniors.

This one-time payment will aid providers with increased costs related to personal protective equipment (PPE) and unprecedented overtime directly related to serving during COVID-19.

“We value the sincere dedication of these provider communities,” Justin Brown, OKDHS Director and Secretary of Human Services and Early Childhood Initiatives, said. “There is no greater measure of character and compassion than caring for people when they can’t care for themselves, including when the people being served are sick or recovering from COVID-19.”

“COVID-19 has reinforced the commitment of providers who serve people with developmental disabilities to be the 24/7 community system ensuring health and safety needs are met,” Pat Ownbey, Executive Director of Oklahoma Community-Based Providers, said. “We are abundantly appreciative to the leadership of OKDHS for valuing services for our people, and providing relief and support so we may continue to stand

and serve as this pandemic intensifies.” Payments will be a one-time 20-percent retroactive rate adjustment for services rendered April 1, 2020, through Septembert 30, 2020, and will be issued in February 2021 after all of the approval processes and public comment periods have been satisfied.

“We want to make this commitment today to our providers who serve as the community side of the long-term care industry, because they need assurance of our support as they prepare for the coming months,” Samantha Galloway, OKDHS Chief of Staff and Operations, said.

Providers will not need to do anything to receive this payment other than have all of their billing complete and up-to-date for the applicable timeframe by January 1, 2021.

OKDHS’ partner agency, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, will recycle claims and will make the lump sum payment on the agency’s behalf by the end of February 2021.

“These are challenging times and knowing we have a true partnership in serving Oklahoma’s vulnerable seniors alongside OKDHS has been unprecedented,” Lola Edwards, Home and Community-Based Services Council President, said.