Only 2 active COVID-19 cases in Weatherford

  • This chart shows the total number of COVID-19 cases reported in Oklahoma. Locally, Custer County is reporting five active cases. Clinton is reporting three and Weatherford two. Blaine and Beckham counties are reporting three cases each. Provided

Weatherford only has two active cases of COVID-19, according the latest numbers from the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH).

Custer County has five active cases, with the other three active cases in Clinton.

The neighboring counties have active cases as well.

Caddo County has the most with 10 active cases. Those active cases are in Anadarko, four, Apache and Hinton each with two, and Lookeba with one. Another active case is in the county, however OSDH does not list which city that case is in.

Blaine County has three active cases, with Watonga having two of those and Geary the other one.

Beckham County also has three active cases, all of which are in Elk City.

Washita County has one active case, in Foss.

Dewey County has an active case, however OSDH does not list a city.

In other Western Oklahoma counties, Canadian County has 72 active cases. Yukon has 27 of those active cases, El Reno 26 active cases, Mustang 13 active cases and Piedmont four active cases. The remaining two cases may be in Okarche, which sits on the Canadian/Kingfisher County line.

Jackson County has nine active cases, all of which are in Altus.

Kingfisher County has six active cases. Two are in Cashion and two are in Kingfisher. The other two may in Okarche.

Kiowa County has four active cases. Roosevelt has two and both Hobart and Mountain Park have one.

Greer County has two active cases, both in Mangum.

Woods County has two active case, both in Alva.

Woodward County has one active case, however OSDH’s numbers show two active cases in the City of Woodward.

Harmon County has one active case in Hollis.