Popsicle stick haunted house

  • Courtesy of The Best Ideas for Kids

Courtesy of The Best Ideas for Kids


• Jumbo, regular and small sized popsicle sticks

• Yellow card stock paper

• Green card stock paper

• Purple paint

• Hot Glue

• Halloween themed foam stickers

• Black sharpie


Take the jumbo popsicle sticks and line six to seven beside each other vertically. Take two more sticks and glue them horizontally on the back of the lined-up sticks. Once the glue has solidified, paint the front purple.

Take two jumbo sticks, five regular sticks and two mini sticks and paint them black. Once everything is dry, glue the two jumbo sticks overlapping at the tips to form a roof. Add two regular popsicle sticks in the same manner below the jumbo sticks. Add two mini sticks below the regular ones and then but a mini stick in half and put them below the layer of mini sticks.

While the glue is setting, cut out two squares from the card stock for the windows. Add lines for the window panes with the black sharpie. Glue four pieces of popsicle sticks on the outside edge of the windows, overlapping the edges at the corner.

Glue the windows on the house. In the same manner as the windows, create a door using a green rectangle from the cardstock and add a frame with popsicle sticks. Glue to the house.

Use the Halloween-themed foam stickers or cut your own to finish decorating the house.