Scam alert: Resident receives letter, police warn of probable scam


The Weatherford Police Department received a letter from a resident regarding a new mail scam.

The resident shared the information with WPD, who said the letter is a scam for several reasons. WPD warned “Law firms will not contact you with such vague details. You will notice the letter is very vague with information such as no bank or company which underwrote the life insurance policy,” police said.

The letter, from the law firm of Perry, Knudsen & Gilbert, LLP, states “It may surprise you to receive this letter from me, since there has been no previous correspondence between us. There is an unclaimed ‘permanent life insurance policy’ held by our deceased client.”

The insurance letter continues, “The transaction pertains to an unclaimed ‘payable-on-death’ saving monetary deposit sin the sum of $7.52 million with a reputable bank. The policy holder was one of our clients, Mr. Anthony Sawatzky, who worked with Energy Co. in Canada. He died in an accident in Niagara, Ontario, 7 years ago.”

WPD said, “You will notice the letter is very vague with Information such as no bank or company who under wrote the life insurance policy, The company the policy holder worked for is simply listed as a Canada Energy Company and not the specific company, and date of death is just listed as 7 years ago. The email to contact the Lawyer is a Bulk, address. The address under the company information is a different address for the lawyer which is another indication the letter is a scam.

WPD said, “They want you to call them so they can get information of get their portion of the settlement up front. If it is too good to be true it probably isn’t legitimate. Do not give information by phone or by email to people you do not know. If you have doubts please contact the Weatherford Police Department or your local Police Department.”