Second person charged in October shooting

  • Custer County Courthouse

A second man has been charged in Custer County District Court in connection with a shooting which occurred in Weatherford October 27.

Damien Creshaud Davis, 20, of Longview, Texas, faces charges of attempted robbery — first degree, assault with a dangerous weapon, and conspiracy.

Court records indicate Davis was one of four men involved in a shooting in 100 block of West University Drive.

Davis is the second person charged in the shooting incident.

Former SWOSU athlete Kingsley Ehigie Ehiemua, 19 of Fort Worth, Texas, faces charges of robbery — first degree, assault and battery, and conspiracy.

About 5:20 p.m. October 27, the Weatherford Police Department received an emergency call regarding gunshots in the 100 block of West University Drive. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the Zackery Gilbert who had sustained two gunshot wounds on his back and upper arm. Gilbert said a male subject allegedly put a gun to his back and demanded his money, according to the affidavit of probable cause filed with the Custer County District Court.

Gilbert then told officers he reached for the gun in his waistband, but allegedly was shot in the back before it could be retrieved. Gilbert then allegedly returned fire and struck the suspect at least once, according to the affidavit.

While on the scene, officers were informed three black males left in a vehicle after the shooting. Officers stopped the vehicle and noticed blood stains on the driver side door. Antajaun Brown, Damien Davis and Ehiemua were identified as the vehicle’s occupants. Ehiemua had gunshots wounds in his shoulder and hand, according to the affidavit.

After an interview with Gilbert November 3, he told police he was at the apartments to pick up his girlfriend and was robbed by a man and saw another man in the area he said he believed was a part of the robbery, court records indicate.

Police wanted to re-interview Gilbert with his attorney. During that interview November 6, Gilbert’s girlfriend received a message on Snapchat from Davis, known as “Damo” on the site, according to court records.

In the message, Gilbert allegedly asked the girlfriend if she knew someone who sold marijuana. She replied and said “Zackery sold marijuana. Zackery also provides marijuana to his friends sometimes for free,” court records indicate.

Continued messaging indicates Gilbert was interested in selling 4 pounds of marijuana to Davis, who asked the marijuana be delivered to an apartment about 5 p.m. in the 100 block of West University Drive, according to court records.

Gilbert brought 4 ounces of marijuana for Davis to try before making a cash deal, the affidavit indicates.

Gilbert told police he planned to sell 4 pounds to Davis for $4,000, however when Davis arrived and only saw the 4 ounces, the encounter became heated, court records indicate.

As Gilbert approached the apartment, “a black male came around the corner and pointed a gun into Zackery’s back. Zackery replied to Kingsley (Ehiemua) and said ‘Are you serious?’ Kingsley then shot Zackery in the back while close enough that Kingsley was holding onto Zackery’s shirt,” the affidavit reads.

Gilbert tried to retrieve his pistol he was carrying but dropped it on the ground. As Gilbert tried to grab the pistol, court records indicate he was shot in the arm.

Gilbert did get his pistol, firing over his shoulder. At that point, Ehiemua let go of Gilbert’s shirt. Gilbert saw a second subject running toward the two, but Gilbert was unable to tell who it was or if they had a gun. Gilbert also was not able to give a description of the second person, court records indicate.

After arriving at the hospital, Gilbert was told his spinal cord was fractured as a result of the first shot, the affidavit reads.

Court records indicate the guns used have not been located and also indicate Davis pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of marijuana in 2018.

According to Ehiemua’s criminal history, he was charged with possession of marijuana in June 2019, court records indicate.

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