Senior Profile: Casady Sublett

  • Casady Sublett

Casady Sublett is a senior at Hydro-Eakly High School and has been attending Hydro-Eakly since third grade. Casady’s parents are Clifton and Dawn Sublett. She also has four siblings.

“I don’t really feel like a senior, to be honest,” Sublett said. “I’m taking more college classes than high school classes so I’m kind of in-between.”

After high school, Sublett plans on getting her bachelor’s in Biology at Southwestern Oklahoma State University then transferring out of state to obtain a master’s in Marine Biology.

Sublett has been involved in journalism, softball, basketball, trap shooting and National Honor Society. She is also in the running for valedictorian.

Sublett’s favorite high school memories are all the times spent with her teammates and all of the coaches she has had throughout the years.

“Something especially funny was when Coach [Ricky] Gore thought he would show us up by running through first base but ended up hurting his knee and rolling across the grass,” she said.

Sublett would like to thank her family for always supporting her and her friends for helping balance school and her social life.

Sublett said she has had many influential teachers.

“My most influential teacher would have to be Coach [Jeremy] Tharp,” she said. “Coach Tharp taught us how to be strong physically and mentally. He helped prepare us for the real world.”

When Sublett isn’t on the field shooting clays or playing softball, she likes to spend her free time with her family and friends. Sublett is most excited about finally getting to do what she worked so hard towards her whole life.

Many seniors, including Sublett, feel like they will miss out on activities because of COVID-19.

“I feel like COVID-19 will limit some of my options, but I am hoping for the best.”

Sublett’s advice to underclassmen is to “not to put too much pressure on yourself and keep your friends close.”