Senior Profile: Isaeh Johnson

  • Isaeh Johnson

Isaeh Johnson is a senior at Hydro-Eakly High School. Johnson has attended H-E since Pre-K. His parents are Laura Wissar and Travis Johnson.

“It feels weird because yesterday it felt like I was just getting into high school,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he would like to be a photographer or wind technician. Johnson plans on attending SWOSU following graduation.

Johnson participated in baseball and basketball early on in high school. His favorite memory was when he was a freshman and his team made it to districts in basketball.

“We were in a hotel, and we had a lot of memories that were made that night,” he said.

Johnson was very active in music all throughout high school. Mrs. Setzer, music teacher at H-E, helped him maintain confidence and taught him more about music.

“Because of Mrs. Setzer, I am a lot more confident in myself, and I am not as scared as I used to be,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s favorite part of high school is learning something that he does not yet know and seeing his friends every day. He also said high school is very important and education can be used after high school.

His craziest high school experience took part with the baseball team,

“I did the milk challenge as a freshman for baseball,” he said. “The crazy part about the milk challenge was I finished the whole thing, and half of it came out of me by the end of it.”

When asked to describe himself with three words, Johnson chose funny, chill and loyal.

“I’m an easy person to talk to and easy to get along with,” he said.

Johnson’s advice to underclassmen is to be responsible.

“Keep up with your grades and just to try to be the best that you can throughout school.”