Senior Profile: Laissa Zatarain

  • Laissa Zararain

Laissa Zatarain is a senior at Hydro-Eakly High School and has been attending Hydro-Eakly schools since pre-kindergarten. Her parents are Jose and Francisca Zatarain.

After high school, Zatarain plans to attend Southwestern Oklahoma University in Weatherford to obtain a degree in physical therapy.

“The hardest part of senior year so far has been discovering what college I want to go to and figuring out what major is the best fit for me,” she said.

In her free time, Zatarain enjoys hanging out with her family and her friends. She has been involved in cheerleading for the Hydro-Eakly basketball team’s, journalism, yearbook, and she has even participated in choir for four years.

Zatarain said she has many people support her throughout high school.

“I want to thank all of my teachers for everything that they have done for me and my friends for always being there and never leaving my side throughout high school,” she said.

Zatarain said her favorite memory from high school is getting to stay in a hotel with her friends and cheering in the Big House for last year’s state championship.

“Everyone in the student section was all excited for cheering for our girls, and we were really loud,” Zatarain said. “I was excited for our girls to win the state championship.”

Zatarain said she has had a wonderful experience at Hydro-Eakly and will definitely miss high school, but she is also ready to move on to bigger and better things.

Zatarain’s advice for the underclassmen is to have fun without stressing too much about school.

“You’ll get through it, and don’t take your high school years for granted,” she said. “Try to be involved in something - that’ll make your high school experience so much better.”