Sister tells story of local COVID-19 case

  • Exclusive

“I just feel like I need to let people know my sister tested positive for COVID-19 at the Weatherford Regional Hospital this week. I just want people to be safe,” Lynn Littlehawk of Weatherford said.

Littlehawk said her sister went to the E.R. at the hospital with high blood pressure concerns the night her mother, Belva Hicks died.

“My sister has been ill with high blood pressure and cancer for some time. She is not sure where she may have come in contact with the virus,” Littlehawk said.

While the sister did not attend her mother’s funeral, she did attend visitations with the family at their home in Weatherford on Monday. A wake was Tuesday and the funeral was Wednesday at the Indian Baptist Church in Weatherford.

“I notified the county health department and the tribe but I just wanted to see if the newspapers would also get the word out just to keep people safe,” Littlehawk said in an interview on her way to the Indian Hospital in Clinton to be tested for COVID-19.

“Please pray for me. I am a Christian woman and we have been through a lot lately,” Littlehawk said.