Spiders Three Ways

  • Courtesy of Free2Teach
  • Courtesy of Everyday Best
  • Courtesy of Celeb Baby

1. Tootsie Pop Spiders

Courtesy of Free2Teach


• Black pipe cleaners

• Tootsie Pops

• Small, stick-on eyes


Lay the Tootsie Pop in the center of a pipe cleaner and twist around the stick. Repeat for the next three sets of legs. Keep the legs close together and near the base of the pop.

Separate the legs and bend down at an angle. Glue the eyes onto the center where the legs are wrapped around the Tootsie Pop stick.

To make it extra spooky, use Halloween themes Tootsie Pops or other pop-like candies.

2. DIY Gel Spiders

Courtesy of Shannon Schmid from Everyday Best


• Dimensional, or “puffy,” paint

• Non-stick surface such as baking paper

• Vase, window or mirror to decorate


Use the paint bottle to draw the spiders directly onto the non-stick surface. Form a “puddle” of paint on the paper to make the “body” of the spider. Keep the tip of the bottle in contact with the paint until the spider is the desired size. Attach legs to the sides.

Set the spiders aside to dry for about 2 days. They may need longer if making extra-large spiders.

Once dry, gently peel the spiders from the non-stick surface and use to decorate any glass surface. These can be re-positioned as much as desired.

3. Paper Plate Spiders

Courtesy of Celeb Baby


• Paper plates

• Brown, green, black and gray paint

• Paint brush/sponge

• Glue

• Black pipe cleaners

• Large googly eyes


Paint the paper plates with the desired spider-like colors and set aside to dry. Punch four holes in each side to attack the legs. Thread a pipe cleaner through the hole, bend in half and twist together to secure.

Once all eight legs are attached, glue googly eyes into place. Once glue is dry, bend legs down so the spider can stand.