Two agreements approved, two others tabled


The Weatherford City Commission approved two agreements, nominated a candidate for the Oklahoma Municipal Retirement Fund and tabled two agreements.

The first of those agreements was with Court Appointed Special Advocates of Western Oklahoma (CASA).

The second of those agreements was with Multi-County Youth Services (MCYS).

The two tabled items involved 911 services, first with Blaine County, second with Southwest Oklahoma Regional 911 (SWOR).

CASA agreement

The city and CASA’s agreement will allow CASA to provide youth services to children who need it.

The commission approved the agreement by a vote of 4-0.

CASA volunteers are appointed by a judge and they gather information and make recommendations in the best interest of the child.

The city will pay CASA $3,000 for the length of the agreement, 1 year.

CASA agrees no funds granted to it by the city will accrue directly or indirectly to the benefit of any private individual.

The organization will account to the mayor and/or city clerk for the use of said funds at such time and in such form as he/she may designate and agrees that it will provide an annual audit report to city.


The commission renewed the city’s agreement, by a vote of 4-0 , with the MCYS for another year.

The commission approved the agreement by a vote of 4-0.

With the approved agreement, the city will pay MCYS $7,000. This includes allowing the city to take juveniles to the Community Intervention Center (CIC) in Clinton, where MCYS will take steps to locate the child’s parent, legal guardian, legal custodian, attorney or other responsible adult. Once that person is contacted, the juvenile will be released to them.

With agreement, MCYS will assess the juvenile’s living situation, collect information and track court-related information.

The city will fine parent s who fail to have the juvenile show up for court or assume custody in a timely manner provide transportation for the child while at the CIC facility, as well as providing any healthcare and treatment.


Commissioners approved a resolution, by a vote of 4-0, to cast the city’s vote for Lisa Young to represent District 7 as trustee for the Oklahoma Municipal Retirement Fund (OkMRF).

Young is the current human resources director and safety coordinator for the city. She has more than 12 years of experience.

Young also has completed the Oklahoma Municipal League’s (OML) Certified Municipal Official program and OML’s Community Leadership Development program.

The trustees are responsible for the overall implementation and success of the retirement programs, assisted by OkMRF staff and a team of professional advisors. Currently, OkMRF has assets exceeding $900 million. The system began with a defined benefit program only, and now offers defined contribution, customized manager option and retiree medical programs

The resolution must be returned to OkMRF by August 30.

911 agreements

The commission tabled two separate agreements with Blaine County and SWOR. Both agreements were tabled to the August meeting by a vote of 4-0.

Both Blaine County and SWOR asked Police Chief Louis Flowers to bring the items back to August’s meeting.

Currently, the Weatherford Police Department maintains a professional, trained 24-hour emergency dispatching center for the answering of 911 emergency telephone lines and dispatching of appropriate emergency services in responding to calls received requesting such services, and has the potential ability of providing such dispatching services within the boundaries and limits of Blaine County.

Blaine County’s County Commission, in an effort to provide professional, reliable 911 services to their constituents do so desire to procure 911 call answering and emergency dispatching from a third party, such as Weatherford PD for the fire departments, police departments, the Blaine County Sheriff’s Department and the EMS responders serving Blaine County.

Blaine County is joining the SWOR association and therefore SWOR is responsible for the costs of new circuits and additional equipment required to facilitate the answering and dispatching of Blaine County emergency law enforcement, fire department and medical calls. Blaine County has entered into an agreement with SWOR. Based on this agreement SWOR will make payments to the City of Weatherford for dispatching services on behalf of Blaine County. The amount and terms of these payments are outlined in the inter-local agreement between SWOR and the City of Weatherford.