Vampire Dentures

  • Vampire Dentures

Courtesy of Lauren Miyashiro of Delish


• 1 tube chocolate chip cookie dough

• 1 can vanilla frosting

• Red food coloring

• Mini marshmallows

• Slivered almonds


Preheat the oven according to the direction on the tube of cookies dough. Line baking sheet with non-stick baking lining. Roll the dough into 1.5-inch balls and place on baking sheet, allowing some room for growth. Bake about 12 minutes, let cool completely and cut in half.

Add red food coloring into vanilla frosting until it has reached the desired color. Be sure to stir thoroughly. Spread a thin layer on every cookie half.

Place mini marshmallows around the edges of the first half of each cookie and then place the second half on top.

Stick slivered almonds on each side of the “dentures” to create fangs.