Washita County judge grants competency hearing request

  • Washita County judge grants competency hearing request

CORDELL — A judge has granted a request for a competency hearing for a Cordell man charged with three counts of child sexual abuse, and one count of possession of child pornography.

The judge said Dakota Rogers, 23, should receive the competency evaluation.

Rogers’ attorney, Katy Sokolosky with the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System, asked the judge for the competency hearing through a filing last week, court records indicate.

Sokolosky, in the filing, asks for the Disabilities Services Division of the Department of Human Services to evaluate her client.

Sokolosky’s filing says “A doubt arises as to the present competency of Dakota Rogers and an examination should be performed to determine the competency of Rogers,” court records indicate.

Rogers was charged Washita County District Court in February.

In the affidavit, Deputy Russell Stewart with the Washita County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) said he was contacted by Cordell Assistant Police Chief Scott Hill about a man, later identified as Rogers, allegedly soliciting sex to minors and showing them pornographic photos on his phone at the Cordell Park, court records indicate.

Rogers also had allegedly touched the crotch area of a 12- year-old boy, which was reported to the Cordell Police Department (CPD) by the boy. February 15, CPD officers Hill and Trevor Stewart, along with WCSO Deputy Curtis Weatherly arrested Rogers at his home without incident, court records indicate.

Hill said while he was placing Rogers under arrest, he allegedly yelled, “This is about the stuff on my phone. I know I shouldn’t have it,” court records indicate.

Stewart conducted an interview with Rogers February 17. Rogers admitted to the solicitation of sex with the minors at the Cordell Park February 15. Rogers also said he allegedly had no age preference to how young or old when it comes to his sexual desires, court records indicated.

When Stewart asked Rogers about the pornographic pictures he showed the children at the park, he opened his cell phone and showed Stewart the pictures. Rogers also showed Stewart websites and chat rooms he is involved in which involve the downloading of child pornography and chatting with pedophiles, court records indicate.

Rogers is due back in court September 8 for a hearing.

He has no previous related charges filed against him, court records indicate.