Father of three loves being a dad coaching his son

  • Matt and Kaye Frye, center, lead their coach pitch team in a prayer before the a game. The Frye’s son, Weston, plays on the team. Their daughters, Joeclyn and Piper, play on a T-ball team. Provided

Matthew Frye is the father of three children and is a coach of the Little League Weatherford White Sox.

His son plays on that team.

His three children include his son Weston, 9, and his two daughters, Joeclyn, 6, and Piper, 4. Frye is from Hobart and graduated from SWOSU and is married to Kaye, who also is a coach for the White Sox. He said the little things are what makes being a dad so special to him.

“The little things mean the most to me,” Frye said. “Things like riding their first bicycle without training wheels, catching their first fish and hitting a baseball hard in little league.” Frye said his dad coached him when he was a

Frye said his dad coached him when he was a kid and this is his first season coaching his son in baseball and he said he has enjoyed every moment.

“My dad was my coach as well,” Frye said. “I have always wanted to be a coach, but was always working in the old field. I got laid off because of COVID-19 and I finally got the chance to do this. I coached my son in football last fall, but this is the first time in baseball and it has been really rewarding to see my son out there playing and it has been fun to coach him.”

Frye said there is much more to life than playing and coaching sports. He said the life lessons his kids learn are much more important and the most important thing to remember is to treat people the right way.

“I want my kids to know how important to treat people right, not just on the little league fields, but in life” Frye said. “Everyone is equal in my eyes and I want to make sure he is treating people right.”

Frye said being a parent of three kids is challenging, but really rewarding.

“It is hard to be patient with three children,” Frye said. “It is hard and rewarding at the same time. They are really good kids and I love them very much and really enjoy being their father.”