Protection order against county employee extended


An emergency protective order issued against the head of security at the Custer County Courthouse security has been extended to June 4.

The order against Duane Richardson initially was filed by the alleged victim December 14 following an alleged incident at Richardson’s house.

The protective order petition issued by the Custer County District Court states the victim sent to Richardson’s house to drop off item for embroidering. Richardson, a family friend of the victim, allegedly made unwanted sexual advances while the victim was at his house.

The petition is asking for Richardson to be prohibited from having any contact whatsoever with the victim, causing any harm to the victim or engaging in any conduct which would place the victim in reasonable fear of injury, according to court records.

Richardson currently is employed by the Custer County Sheriff’s Office and is in charge of courthouse security.

Harper County Associate District Judge Aric A. Alley has been assigned to the case. Custer County District Judge Jill Weedon, Associate District Judge Donna Dirickson and Special Judge Stephanie Jones all have ordered recusals after being appointed to the case.

The parties involved are scheduled to appear for a hearing 10 a.m. June 4.