21 years later: insurance agent sells business

  • 21 years later: insurance agent sells business

Paul Simon will be selling his Farmers Insurance agency to Arron Hayes.

Simon has been in the insurance business for 21 years. He first started in insurance when he consulted with Mike Brown who now is the Weatherford mayor. Brown was a help to Simon when trying to start his career in insurance.

When the former agent Doug Wald made the decision to retire, the opportunity was right for Simon and he decided to buy the business. Twentyone years later, Simon is selling his agency.

“No I am not retiring, the opportunity was right and I thought I’d take advantage,” Simon said.

Although Simon is selling his business he still is looking for another job.

Arron Hayes will be the new Farmers agent. Hayes has worked in the oil and gas industry for about 10 years.

Simon’s daughter is a manual therapist in Oklahoma City, which Hayes is a patient of. The conversation came up about the insurance agency maybe being for sale. Hayes made the decision to call Simon about his business and showed interest in buying it.

Although Hayes has been in oil and gas for so many years he had been ready for a change. Hayes now will take Simon’s place as a Farmer agent.

“I know Paul has been a well known agent for a lot of years and I want to provide that same customer support and be involved in the community like he has been for years,” Hayes said.

The new Farmers Insurance Agency will be located on 1403 E. Main St.