Burcham hosts ‘carnival’ fundraiser for class

  • Burcham Camp

Despite not having a physical carnival this year, Burcham Elementary still is hosting its annual carnival fundraiser in partnership with the Weatherford Daily News and the Weatherford Public Schools Foundation.

All donations will be used to support the school’s reading awards, Burcham Brags, luggage tags, art projects and other class activities which are outside of the school’s operating budget.

WDN Publisher Philip Reid said this fundraiser is a way for local merchants and individuals to show support for the incredible staff and eager students at Burcham kind of like they do for the WDN senior section every year.

Reid said he remembers when his children attended Burcham and how much they always enjoyed the carnival. Unfortunately, restrictions have made it impossible to have one this year.

“It’s unfortunate the annual Burcham Carnival is impractical due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are excited to help them out during this time,” Reid said.

The aforementioned activities are estimated at $50 per child, so the campaign goal is to get 20 students per class sponsored

Participants can choose to help sponsor one or more of the classes below at $50 per child:

• Sarah Barnwell — 1st Grade

• Emily Bartel — Music

• Theresa Beck — Pre-K

• Saira Bell —1st Grade

• Allison Coalson — Kindergarten

• Dana Davis — Librarian/STEM Lab

• Oma Hicks — Pre-K

• Becki Hubin — TK1

• Amber Hunt — Pre-K

• Cindy Hunt — 1st Grade

• Jennifer Hunter — 1st Grade

• Gina Kardokus — Kindergarten

• Heather Klaassen — Counselor

• Stephanie Koper — Physical Education/Health

• Jennifer Lindamood — Kindergarten

• Tonia Lodes — 1st Grade

• Sharon Mahan — Pre-K

• Sara McCoy — 1st Grade

• Donna Miller — 1st Grade

• Rebecca Miller — 1st Grade

• Kim O’Daniel — Pre-K

• Kodie Price — Kindergarten

• Jennifer Reed — Kindergarten

• Rilee Roberson — Kindergarten

• Jennifer Shelton —Kindergarten

• Judy Sisson — Title I Reading

• Holly Stutzman — Kindergarten

• Debbie Suderman — Special Education

• Cassie Vaughan — Kindergarten

• Edie Visnieski — 1st Grade

• Melissa Wood — TK1

• Jamie Young — Kindergarten

The WDN will run an ad during the fundraising period which will feature the names of the merchants and individuals who donate. The goal is to fill all of the name slots.

Reid said he encourages everyone who normally supports the carnival to donate because without this money, the reading awards, art project and other class activities will not be possible.

Donation checks, which are tax deductible, can be written to the Weatherford Public Schools Foundation and mailed to or dropped off at the Weatherford Daily News: 118 S. Broadway, Weatherford, OK 73096.

For more information, call the WDN at (580) 772-3301.