Local, area doctors make recommendations to flatten the curve


Physician leaders from hospitals in Oklahoma have made strong recommendations in order to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

“COVID-19 positive cases and hospitalizations have soared during the past several weeks, nationally and in Oklahoma. As the front-line professionals in this battle, we urge every Oklahoma resident to take the necessary steps now to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. This is not a political statement. We are doctors urging those we care for across the state to take action now,” according to information from hospital chief medical officers.

A list of doctors across Oklahoma have joined in on the COVID-19 policies. Local doctors include Weatherford Regional Hospital Chief of Staff Brenda Stutzman and Vice-Chief of staff Brian Bluth. Cordell Memorial Hospital Chief of Staff Bob Abernathy, and Chief of staff of Grady Memorial Hospital and Five Oaks Medical group in Chickasha Bruce Storms.

Hospitals also encourage everyone to wear a mask, stay at least six feet apart, avoid crowds and to wash your hands frequently. According to medical officers the decision to urge the safety measures was driven by data and guidance from health care experts. Cities whose residents are wearing masks saw a 34-percent rise in cases, compared to a 109-percent increase in cities where residents aren’t wearing masks, according to information from medical officers.

“The only tools at our disposal now are wearing a mask, keeping a safe distance and washing our hands – and we must do all three to make an impact. These measures will prevent another catastrophic surge in hospital admissions and COVID-19 deaths, but we need every Oklahoman’s help and compliance,” according to information from medical officers.