“Angry Birds” Water Balloons

  • Preschool/Elementary


• Washable sidewalk chalk

• Water balloons in various colors

• Permanent markers

• Optional: cement blocks or garden pavers

• Optional: Regular green balloons

• Optional: large bucket


For young children, prepare the playing field by drawing the “Bad Piggies” in green on a large, flat paved area. Piggies should vary in sizes. Fill balloons water balloons and carefully draw in the angry faces of favorite characters. To prevent premature popping, store the balloons in a bucket until ready to use.

Once the balloons are filled, smash the Piggies until the chalk has completely washed off the paved area. When all the Piggies have been smashed, clean up any stray balloon pieces to protect the local wildlife.

For older children, arrange a more complicated playing field using wooden blocks, garden pavers or cements blocks to build a tower. Fill regular green balloons to various sizes and draw the Piggies face onto the front. Secure the balloons onto the playing field.

Fill the water balloons and carefully add the angry faces. Once filled, use the balloons to knock the Piggies off their tower. Once all the Piggies have been knocked off, reset for another round or clean up the playing field.

This version can be played on a paved space or in a yard.

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