‘We love Weatherford and it is nice to be home’

  • Josh Jennings/WDN Weatherford volleyball coach Sandi Barr. left, and her daughter Sydney Barr both love the community aspect of Weatherford.
  • Josh Burton/WDN Sydney Barr sets a volleyball for an attempt to get the ball over the net during the 2019 Class 4A Regional Tournament.
  • Josh Burton/WDN Sydney Barr serves during the 2019 Class 4A Regional Tournament.

“We love Weatherford,” Weatherford volleyball coach Sandi Barr said. “When we lived in Texas, my kids begged to come back to Weatherford all the time. They love it and we love it and they are excited and we are excited to be home. We love the community and they really are like family.”

Sandi and her family moved from Richardson, Texas, to Weatherford in 2019. She is originally from Lampe, Missouri, and has lived in Weatherford before. Sandi is married to Jason Barr and they have two kids, Jordan and Sydney. She and her husband Jason, both work in education. Jason is a professor at SWOSU.

Jordan is a student at SWOSU and Sydney plays on the volleyball team for Weatherford and will be a senior this year. They found their way back to Weatherford because she and her family just love living in a small town.

Sandi said it was really cool when the volleyball team left Weatherford for the playoffs. Isabella Amen, who graduated last season, set up a sendoff for the volleyball team and the firemen and policemen came. She said it is nice to see the community support Weatherford in their ups and in their downs. “You do not get this in Texas, especially for the

“You do not get this in Texas, especially for the playoffs,” Sandi said. “Maybe this happens for state, but it is really special to see the community to support us. This was really a great reminder of how great the community of Weatherford is.”

Sydney agreed.

“I love Weatherford a lot more than Texas,” Sydney said. “It definitely is a lot different, but I enjoy living in Weatherford more than I did living in Richardson. The community support is way better than it was in Richardson.”

Sandi said she really enjoys coaching her daughter.

“It has been really enjoyable coaching Sydney,” Sandi said. “I was worried about last year and quite unsure of how it would work out, but now I am at the point of realizing I only have one more year left to coach her. I do not know what it will be like without Sydney on our team.”

Sydney said she loves having her mom as a coach, even when they have an argument.

“Everyone wants their mom to be their coach,” Sydney said. “It has been different because growing up, my dad was always on me about volleyball. When my mom became my coach, it brought a whole new perceptive to me about volleyball. We have our times where we argue, but we definitely get along. Most of the time after we argue, I apologize and give her a big hug.”

Sandi said there are moments where the mother and daughter sides come out during practice, but one thing they really do well is own up to their mistakes and apologize to each other.

“Another thing I do is apologize to the team when my mother role comes out on the volleyball court,” Sandi said. “I know it is hard for them to see it when it happens, which is why I am quick to apologize when it comes out.”

Sandi said she loves the relationships she builds with the girls and she enjoys teaching life lessons.

“The No. 1 thing I like to teach is ownership and helping high school students become better people after volleyball ends,” Sandi said. “Ownership is overlooked a lot of times. Often times, we try to push things off on other people and blame others for our mistakes. When officials are not calling the volleyball games the way we want, I am big on making sure we still are respectful. We can disagree on a call, but we still have to be respectful. This is something one can use their entire life. It is OK to disagree, but you still have to show respect to the other person.”

Sydney said she really wants to play volleyball in college and has been talking to a few schools, but her focus is playing volleyball one last season at Weatherford.

“If I do not get to play volleyball in college, this will be my last season playing,” Sydney said. “I want my last season to be special and really something I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Since Sydney will be a senior, she knows what is expected of her and she cannot wait to be a leader not just on the volleyball court, but in helping others.

“The younger girls now expect me to be a leader,” Sydney said. “It will be different since I am a senior now and I know more is expected of me. I want to teach the younger girls how life does not always have to be hard. I am really close with the freshman and sophomores on our team and I am excited to not only help them with volleyball, but with life in general as well.” Sydney said she

Sydney said she knows high school can be stressful and she wants to be there for everyone when times get stressful.

“High school can be challenging,” Sydney said. “There is not an easy road and it can be challenging in little ways. I always want to be there for people, especially the people who are just beginning high school. I know as a freshman and sophomore in Texas, I was not in the right mind at all.”

“We had a good year with volleyball and I have enjoyed my first year back in Weatherford, even though it was not a full complete year,” Sandi said. “It has been nice getting back in the swing of things with the open gym during the summer.”

Sandi said her faith is what helps her get through tough times and she tries to show that to her girls when life does not go your way.

“I am very strong faith based,” Barr said. “Last August and September was really tough beginning a new job as an elementary teacher in a new role. It was tough being a coach for the first time and juggling everything. Another challenge was when the Weatherford gym floor flooded and we had to play our games in Rankin Williams Fieldhouse. There were a lot of challenges and I knew God has my back no matter what happens. I tell my girls to try to trust God and not stress or be anxious.”

Sandi said the girls are ready to play volleyball and cannot wait for the season to begin.

“It is going to be a great year and come October on senior night, there will be lots of tears,” Sandi said. “Not just from Sydney leaving, but this senior class is a great group of seniors and I am excited to get started.”